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This time, there is no safe word.

HeatherRose Studios
12 January 1984
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"I think she is the saddest girl to ever hold a martini"

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(( alternate personality: thiscatastrophe ))

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a fire inside, a perfect circle, alien sex fiend, alkaline trio, american history x, androgyny, ani difranco, aphex twin, art, babes in toyland, bass, better off dead, better than chocolate, bettie page, bif naked, birthday party massacre, blue velvet, body modification, boondock saints, boy george, brian molko, cancer slug, cannibal corpse, casanova frankenstein, children of bodom, coal chamber, cradle of filth, cynthia von buhler, danzig, dashboard confessional, david bowie, dead or alive, devotchkas, dir en gray, drag, drain sth, dresden dolls, drinking, ebony sorrow, eleventh hour messenger, elton john, empire records, endless ruin, evanescence, exhumed, faruza balk, finger eleven, floria sigismondi, francesca lia block, from autumn to ashes, gackt, glam boys, glampire, goat whore, goth, grim faeries, gummo, gwar, hammerfall, hole, homosexuality, horror, horrorpunk, hr giger, illustration, industrial, invader zim, isis, jack off jill, jade and the scorpions, jeffrey dahmer, joel-peter witkin, john waters, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, lanemeyer, led zeppelin, lesbians, london after midnight, luis royo, malice mizer, marilyn manson, metal, milk and honey, mindless self indulgence, montserrat, my ruin, nekromantix, nightwish, nine inch nails, our lady peace, pantera, photography, piercings, pink, pink flamingoes, pink floyd, placebo, poe, poetry, prince, psychotica, punk, pussy galore, quills, rammstein, rancid, raves, renee zellweger, rocky horror picture show, ruin, samhain, senseless mutilation, sex pistols, sisters of mercy, slayer, spooky kids, suffocation, swans, tattoos, the cure, the italic squirrels, the locust, the misfits, the psychadelic furs, the pullouts, the queers, the smashing pumpkins, the spitvalves, the steve gutenband, the streets, theatre of tragedy, tiger army, toilet boys, tool, tori amos, toxic narcotic, transvestites, tsunami bomb, twiggy, two, type o negative, velvet goldmine, vent, vice squad, vnv nation, waking life, zombies, zwan